Grace Church offers a lively, wide-ranging adult program of classes, retreats, and special events.
The goals of our program are:

• To help our parish to be centered in Christ and to deepen our understanding of and
commitment to the Christian faith;

• To increase our biblical literacy and to provide opportunities to study and pray with the
Scriptures in ways that lead us to holiness, freedom, and the promised life in Christ;

• To help us to interpret contemporary issues (war, ethnic strife, Israel/Palestine, global
climate change, poverty, politics) in light of the Christian faith;

• To equip the saints: that is, to provide tools and spiritual practices
that help us to live our faith in the world, not just in church; and

• To build and strengthen our community by fostering a sense of
mutual respect, trust and love, and so reflect our life in God, the Three-in-One.