First meeting of the Over 60s Gathering

will be Saturday, October 7 at 2 p.m. in the Connector.

The theme for our meeting will be “What Really Matters.”   This is a great place to get to know one another as we share some laughs, tell our stories, and explore the myths, magic, and challenges of this phase of our lives.

  • If you’re over 60,
  • If you suspect you’re embarking on the best years of your life (in spite of rumors to the contrary) but are not sure what’s next,
  • If you’re interested in what it might mean to be an elder in our society,
  • If you have some lively concerns to explore with fellow adventurers,

Then please join us for friendly conversation as we connect around common questions, explore relevant issues, and make decisions about next steps.  We meet every other week, on Saturday afternoon.  The fall schedule:  Oct. 7 and 21, Nov. 4 and 18, Dec. 2 and 16.  Contact Adrian Stair, for more information.