Musical Light for Epiphany

The Choir is singing anthems about light this Epiphany, several of them having to do with stars.   Most often, anthems are chosen so that their text corresponds with the lessons for the day. But it seemed “illuminating” to consider this other inspiration for choosing anthems, and we’ve been enjoying our immersion in light-filled and starstruck Epiphany pieces:

Jan. 14                          Videntes stellam                           Francis Poulenc

Jan. 21                          God sent a star to guide the wise

(Text by Michael Hudson to a tune by Vaughan Williams)

Jan. 28                          O nata lux de lumine                  Morten Lauridsen

Feb. 4                           O Light of light, love given birth (premiere)  Richard Damon

Feb. 11                         Choose something like a star        Randall Thompson