Greening of Grace

Members of the Greening of Grace group seek to inspire, educate, and encourage each other, the Grace Church community, as well as our local, state, national and international communities to move toward environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.  Greening Grace organizes information events at church, as well as gathers to speak out for climate justice and sustainability wherever it is threatened or compromised. We have, among other actions, held information sessions on green practices at home, worked with the church on generally greening up, made green items to sell at our Bazaar, spearheaded Earth Hour and 360 Day in Amherst, walked across Massachusetts to stop the XL Pipeline, given out information to legislators on the state’s pension fund divesting from fossil fuels, marched for the climate in Boston, lobbied legislators and participated in marches in Washington.

As Christians and humans we are charged by God to be good stewards of the Earth. We have a good time joining together in this quest to keep discovering new ways to make the world a fine place to live for generations of people and all creatures to come.  We invite others to join us in this sacred calling.