Worship Services

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Grace Episcopal Church, Amherst MADuring the Academic Year (September through May/June)

On Sunday September 24, 2017, there will be only one service at 9:30 am, followed by Saint Michael’s Picnic.

8:00 am Holy Eucharist
9:45 am Liturgy in the Round (every third Sunday of the month)
10:30 am Holy Eucharist (Choral)

5:30 pm Evensong

During the Summer (June through August)

9:30 am Holy Eucharist

12:10 pm Holy Eucharist — Rite I with Healing Prayer

5:30 pm Evensong

Contemplative Bible Reflection meets every Monday in the Parker Room from 5:30 – 6:30pm.  Join us for a 20 minute period of silent prayer followed by reflection on the lectionary Gospel reading for the following Sunday. No prior experience with silent prayer is necessary.

About the Services

8 am Sunday, Holy Eucharist: This service uses the same Rite II or Enriching our Worship liturgy as the 10:30 service does, but is quieter and somewhat more low-key. About 70 people attend this service, including families with children. The liturgy is spoken. The same sermon is preached as at the later service, and we enjoy an organ prelude and postlude, and two hymns for congregational singing. Clergy are assisted by acolytes, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, and lectors. If you like to worship in a quieter setting, this is the service for you.

10:30 am Sunday, Holy Eucharist: This is a full choral service with a choir anthem at the offertory and five hymns. Up to 200 people attend, including families with young children, for whom there is a choice of child care or the use of the Children’s Corner at the back of the church. During the offertory hymn, the children bring up to the altar the weekly offering of food for the Amherst Survival Center. At the close of the service, Lay Eucharistic Visitors are sent out with Communion for the sick and housebound, and there are prayers at the front of the church for those seeking healing.

Coffee hour follows both services. Please don’t be shy about making introductions!
If you are new here, please fill out a blue card (found at the back of the pews), so that we may know how to keep in touch.

12:10 pm, Wednesday, Holy Eucharist: This mid-week service uses a Rite I liturgy and includes a short homily. The Prayers of the People are drawn from a Liturgy of Healing, and anyone who wishes may come to the altar rail to receive anointing with holy oil and the laying on of hands for healing.

5:30 pm, Friday, Evensong: Everyone is invited to sing the familiar chants, hymns, and suffrages from the hymnal with the choir members, or to listen prayerfully.  This is a meditative way to bring the week to a close and enjoy God’s blessing on the weekend to come. All are welcome.

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