Easter and Holy Week Offering

As is the custom at Grace Church, the offering this Sunday is distributed outside the church. This year the Outreach Commission has selected three organizations, two international and one local, to share the Outreach Offering equally.

One international recipient is The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ). Dedicated to the support of humanitarian work in Jerusalem and the Middle East, AFEDJ’s work focuses on the many schools, hospitals and institutes for the mentally and physically disabled operated by the Diocese. These institutions help all who enter regardless of religious, ethnic or economic status and serve the needs of all people in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Israel.

The other international recipient is NuDay Syria, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing humanitarian aid inside Syria and to displaced Syrians in bordering areas. NuDay Syria focuses particularly on bringing housing and food to displaced families with single mothers or wounded family members and is especially concerned with the lack of safe shelter and living conditions for single mothers with daughters. Last year, during Lent, Grace Church collected many boxes of toiletries which were distributed to Syrians in need by NuDay Syria.

The local recipient is Welcome Home Northampton Refugee Resettlement Fund. Welcome Home Northampton is a coalition of concerned organizations working in partnership with Catholic Charities to support the refugees who have recently arrived in Northampton. Catholic Charities is the Department of State contracted Reception and Placement Agency for the Northampton family, but that federal funding is limited in time and scope. The goal of Welcome Home Northampton is to create sustained support for the families, in addition to the services provided by Catholic Charities, as they rebuild their lives here in the face of unimaginable trauma and emotional upheaval.

Please consider a generous gift to support the important work of these organizations. If you write a check please add “outreach” on the memo line. Thank you for any gift you are able to give.