Supplies and Suitcases for Summer Camp in Haiti

A list of supplies needed for this summer’s arts camp in Bayonnais is posted on the Haiti bulletin board in the Connector, and a box for donations is nearby. Breaking news: Acme Surplus, in the basement of Thorne’s Marketplace in Northampton, is offering a 20% discount to Grace parishioners shopping for the camp. Please mention that that’s your purpose before the cashier rings you up. We are also looking for large suitcases in serviceable condition, to take to Haiti stuffed with supplies, and leave there.

Please help if you can—items must be in hand no later than July 16, the earlier the better. No time to shop? We gratefully accept checks earmarked for this purpose. Make your check payable to Grace Church, write “Haiti camp 2017” on the memo line, and bring or mail it to the church. Questions? Contact Suzannah Fabing: or 256-6812. Many thanks!